Murano glass clowns

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Murano Glass Clown Ashtray hand-made in Italy, circa 1960’s – 1980’s. This vintage Murano glass clown ashtray provides a chuckle with your smoke. Because of the fat, red, round belly, this form is often called a ‘Tomato Clown’ ashtray. Inside the amble round ash receiving area is a half moon snuffer to smash the butts (not seen in ... Original Murano Glass OMG® company, heir of an important glass factory founded in 1934, offers to its international customers artistic glass artworks entirely handmade with classique and/or innovative designs, according with the customer requirements. A Murano glass clown, mid 20th century, the body with pulled 'Spatter' colours encased in clear glass and with applied decorations and features in opaque and semi opaque colours; with original Murano label to foot. Height 20 cm Answer 1 of 35: This is a warning to anyone planing to visit the so called 'glass factories' in Murano island. We paid way over the odds for 2 candle holders from the 'Ferro & Lazzarini' glass factory which is right by the navagero ACTV stop... Among all the Murano glass artworks produced in Venice, the most famous items are the colorful and happy clowns. Vetreria Pitau, Arte di Murano, Badioli are recognized worldwide to create Murano clowns with unique features and colors. Having one of these clowns in your home or office would bring style and a touch of art with more than 700 years ... Murano Glass Clown figurines are world-famous for their unique combination of fine craftsmanship, rich colors, elaborate designs, and ancient artistic tradition. In creating each Murano clown, the glass masters have been inspired for centuries by the colorful characters of Commedia dell'arte and Venetian Carnival. Murano Drunken Clown - Really funny vintage Italian art glass clown sculpture. He is very tipsy, with a huge smile on his face. Also, still retains the original gallery label.

Flutter null widgetHeight 17.5 cm, width 8.5 cm, weight 410 grams. Murano glass clown with accordion made by the Fratelli Pitau glasshouse. Signed item: Pitau Murano Complete with warranty certificate. In excellent condition. Bottega dei Cristalli in Italy is the best shop where you can buy original murano glass clowns. This web site uses cookies to manage, improve and customize your ...

Browse the world’s largest collection of vintage Murano lamps at Swank Lighting and discover a treasure trove of handblown glass from the 40s, 50s and 60s. To this day, furnaces located on Murano Island continue to produce the world’s most pristine examples of Murano glass, including Murano glass vases, Murano glass bowls, artistic glass chandeliers, and more. Among the traits that make Murano glass most compelling are the sheer number of forms and appearances it can take on.

Original Archimede Seguso Art Glass Clown. Hand Blown in a beautiful blue color. Signed under the shoe: Archimede Seguso Murano The glass-making tradition in Italy is one of the most prestigious and predominant in history. Italian glass is synonymous with refined quality combined with rich color and cutting edge style, elements which began in the workshops of Venice.

I hope you have found this page on Murano glass clowns helpful and informative please feel free to leave your comments and I hope you have the time to look to read more reviews, on this blog. Happy hunting Bottega dei Cristalli in Italy is the best shop where you can buy original murano glass clowns. This web site uses cookies to manage, improve and customize your ...

Origin of earth pptGlasses Murano Murano Art Hand Decanter Clown Italy Glass Clown Orange VTG Blown 5,Monete due euro,Danier Luxury Leather Biker Jacket VTG Murano of Art Glass Clown AMALFI Decanter 5 Glasses Italy Hand Blown Orange| - Our Murano glass jewellery Collection uses only genuine Murano beads, handmade to order in Venice, as the focal point of our jewellery. Our Murano beads (our 'jewels') are of the finest quality, with many featuring 24 carat gold and silver foils in their design. Each one is a stunning, miniature 'work of art'! Murano glass jewellery is simply stunning and our extensive range shows off this unique Venetian jewellery craft beautifully. The Murano glass hearts and beads are all handmade in Italy using the traditional technique of heating silver or gold leaf within hand-shaped glass to create a unique and vibrant effect - being handmade, colours, shades and sizes may vary slightly.

A Murano glass clown, mid 20th century, the body with pulled 'Spatter' colours encased in clear glass and with applied decorations and features in opaque and semi opaque colours; with original Murano label to foot. Height 20 cm
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  • Clowns Stunning Murano glass clowns made by hand. Available in many variants, from clown-clown clown to clown juggler, for a unique gift and unmistakable style of true artwork.
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Clown Figurine, Murano Glass : Description: This colorful clown figurine still has the Murano, Made in Italy sticker attached. Also the Company sticker on the back but it is not possible for me to read it anymore. This Art Glass Clown has very vibrant colors. The Hat a bright red, the Bow Tie, a combinationof green with swirls of white. The Buttons a bright cobalt blue and the body is clear glass with spots of a variety of colors. This is piece has the look of Murano Art Glass but I am not sureif it is. The piece does not have any makers mark on it. Murano Art Glass Clown Seguso Venetian Italy Italian Mid Century Modern Label. $87.12. Was: Previous Price $99.00. Unusual Vintage Murano Art Glass Clown w/Original Tags. Adorable Italian Art Glass clown holding a basketball. He is 10 and a half inches high and 4 inches across (at the widest part) of pure charm! This darling clown is delightfully colored with a deep orange hat, rounded lime green buttons and sports a magnificent bow tie of yellow with shades of orange. Here you are an original and funny multicoloured glass clown! It reproduces a happy clown, who is holding an umbrella in the right hand and a luggage in the left hand. It is very colourful dressed and it is completely made of Murano glass. Murano Glass Aquarium - Glass art blown and sculptures decorations crafts I have always been fascinated by this glasswork! Handmade by Murano glass blowers, our Murano Glass Aquarium is embedded with colored rods of glass, called murrina, that form floating fish and reeds. If you are looking for beautiful ornamental vases and bowls, gorgeous coloured glass home accessories and elegant wine glasses, or decorative abstract sculptures and figurines; collectable glass animals including a stunning range of birds and fish, gifts for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, or even magnificent sporting prizes and trophies, you have come to the ...
New! First book and CD ever published and produced about Murano glass clowns. The book, The Forgotten World Of Murano Glass Clowns is a 127 page book, printed on glossy paper with 40 full color pages of over 100 clowns. It also contains interesting information about the old glass Masters, how they made clowns, tips for buyers and sellers, excerpts from old importing catalogs verifying the age ...